Responsive Image of the Lake Placid Inn Collection

Hotel Website Redesign Developed To Drive More Bookings

Lake Placid Inn Collection is a collective of three unique properties: Residences, Main Street, and Boutique Hotel. They came to us needing a website that would consolidate their websites into one, strong user-friendly, easily editable, mobile responsive website that would drive reservations to all three properties. We accomplished this by showcasing each property’s unique selling points and designing the site as a visually striking representation of the brand(s).

Other reasons for the redesign included making the website accessible, search engine friendly and super fast loading. All were accomplished successfully with the new site!

Generating Engagement
Another important aspect of the build was redesigning the website to focus on generating customer engagement and drive more bookings. This was done through carefully designed calls-to-action which are featured strategically throughout the new site, encouraging visitors to make reservations.