Homepage image of Layer Eight's website on desktop and mobile phone

IT Management Company Gets A Fresh Website Revamp

Layer Eight is a premier IT management and consulting company serving Saratoga to the Adirondacks. Formerly known as PrimeLink, Layer Eight offers new services to their clientele and needed a website to showcase their reliable offerings.

With new branding focused on delivering simple messaging to customers looking for streamlined services, Mannix designed and developed a website that offers a fresh look, easy navigation, and the right calls-to-action to turn website visitors into potential customers.

It was important for the marketing on the website to focus on the customer and enforce the unique selling points of the company: excellent customer service and reliability from a business that has its roots dating back over 100 years. 

With user experience being a top priority, the new IT website is clean, modern, yet approachable with an easy-to-use interface, and fast-loading pages.