Mobile first view of the Reed PR website compared to desktop showing a mobile first approach

PR Agency Website Design Results in Better Leads and Clients

Reed Public Relations’ website design resulted in a staggering 419% more site visitors, 370% more site visits, and a 568% increase in traffic from organic search. Reed PR  heard about Mannix Marketing’s success in driving qualified leads with SEO-focused web designs through another PR agency that experienced high-quality results. So, they hired Mannix to work along with their talented designer Blake Allen to create a fast-loading, SEO-friendly web design. The results: within 2 weeks Reed PR landed a high-profile client that found them because of their new website.

The Results

  • 5.6X more Organic Search Traffic
  • 419% more Site Visitors from All Channels
  • 100% increase in conversions
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Additional PPC Advertising Program

After the website redesign, Reed PR elected to have Mannix create, optimize and manage a paid search account for them. With these new Google search campaigns Reed PR was looking to increase their presence in specific industries. The campaigns launched with a small budget and increased the spend as measurable goals were achieved. The success of the paid search program last year was such that 54% of leads generate on the website (phone calls and form completions) came from traffic generate by the paid search account.