8 Best Tips for Driving More Americade Bookings via Facebook

Americade is one of the biggest events of the year for hotels, campgrounds, and other lodging properties in Lake George NY. If you’re wondering how to get more exposure for your property and increase bookings, try these 8 powerful Facebook marketing tactics for your hotel, resort, or campground.

Before the Event

The time to promote your property starts long before the event takes place. Here are a few ways you can build awareness and encourage bookings before the event:

1. Exclusive Offers

Run an exclusive special just on Facebook. If you have an email list of subscribers or past guests, upload this list to Facebook and target your ads to this specific audience. These travelers are already familiar with your hotel, resort, or campground and are more likely to book as compared to someone who hasn’t yet heard of you.

2. Interest-Based Facebook Ads

Run an interest-targeting ad on Facebook that includes “Americade” and “Lake George” in the interests. Your ad will be laser targeted to people who are interested in Lake George and Americade. It’s all about sending the right message to the right group of people at the right time.

Get maximum exposure for your property with these 3 awesome Americade marketing options via LakeGeorge.com

3. Publish Awe-Inspiring Content on Your Page

Showcase beautiful behind the scenes photos of your property, run a Facebook Live video, share videos from past Americade events, post guest reviews, and share blog posts covering tips on things to do during Americade.

4. Package Deals

Run a package deal for a limited time to create a sense of urgency. For example, “Book for Americade in the next 48 hours, and receive a $50 gift certificate to [restaurant]!” (Or coupons for free breakfast, tours, etc.)

5. Facebook Contests

Contests are a great way to get more exposure for your property fast! People love contests and tend to share them with their friends, which is basically free advertising for your business. In addition, if you require people to submit an email address in order to enter the contest, you can grow your email list and retarget to your subscribers in the future with Facebook ads. An example of a contest could be offering a free 2-night stay at your hotel during Americade.

During the Event

When Americade is in full-swing, your marketing should be, too!

6. Encourage Check-Ins on Facebook

When your guests check-in on Facebook their post will be broadcasted to their network of friends saying that they’re at your hotel, resort, or campground- creating free exposure for your property! One way to encourage check-ins is by offering your guests an incentive, such as a free drink at the restaurant or a chance to win a prize.

Social Media Facebook Check In Sagamore Resort
Example of a Facebook post that includes a check-in at The Sagamore Resort

After the Event

Just because Americade is over doesn’t mean your marketing should come to a halt. Keep your momentum going with these tips:

7. Request User-Generated Content from Guests

Send a follow up email to your guests and ask them to send you their photos or videos from Americade that you’d like to showcase on your Facebook page. Create an album labeled “Americade 2017.” When guests see that they are featured in your Facebook photo album, there’s a good chance they’ll share it with their Facebook friends.

8. Grow Your Reviews on Facebook

Facebook reviews are a powerful form of social proof that can have a major influence on how travelers perceive the quality of your property. In the follow-up email that you send to guests after they check-out, ask them to review your hotel on Facebook (and be sure to include a direct link to your Facebook page!).

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Lake George Facebook Promoted Post

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