Blogging: The How-To

Blogging has always been around, but why the sudden push to “get it going”?

Just like journaling or passing notes in class, blogs are personal sentiments that have many benefits. Share your thoughts, post some questions, and get your audience involved in what’s going on in your world. That’s what blogging is all about. Social communities, networking and blogs are what’s in. Perfectionism in blogs is what’s out. Scary thought for all you A-typers out there!

Cut the drafts…just write. Blogging allows you to create a conversational feel between you and the other interested eyes. If a comfortable setting is created, more people will ‘befriend’ you, ‘link’ to you or just plain read (and quite possibly agree with) what you are putting out there for the world to see.

Afraid of meeting in person? No problem! Blogging makes it easy to state an opinion or debate a hot topic without that, my stomach is in knots because I don’t know what is going to be asked next feeling. Be All That You Can Be…behind your computer screen.

For those who are market savvy: Blogs are perfect for search engine optimization. Check out this post on – straightforward tactics and tips for blog writing. Like minded bloggers know the importance of links and want to link to you if you are credible in your industry. By posting frequent blog entries, you create a sense of authority and relevance. For the latest products, news or events – people will remember you and also refer to you for the most up to date information. Adding keywords and anchor text in your blog will enhance keyword relevancy, thus enhancing your site credibility. Blogs provide a plethora of fresh content – search engines relish this.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but blogging also has it’s challenges. To make it work to your advantage, you must be committed. That daunting ‘c’ word. If creating a blog for SEO purposes, refrain from the Used Car Salesman approach. Instead, create a sense of fun and lightness on your blog. Keep it factual, updated and personal. No sweat, right?

About Sara Mannix

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