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Flawless Marketing Campaign by Native Deodorant


Every marketing consultant knows that word of mouth and reputation are mission critical to a marketing campaign.  As the CEO of a digital marketing company, I’m probably more aware than most of the multiple little decisions and actions that go into creating a compelling customer journey. That being said, it really takes a special campaign to make me sit up and take notice. This is the story of one such …

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Native Deodorant
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Reminded, Refreshed & Inspired: 3 Takeaways from HubSpot’s 2015 Inbound Marketing Conference

HubSpot’s Inbound marketing conference is one of the premier professional events for digital marketers at any level. It’s more than just a conference – it’s an experience fueled by the inbound marketing movement that encourages collaboration, innovation and conversation among those in the digital marketing industry.

As one of the Mannix Marketing team members lucky enough to attend HubSpot’s #Inbound15 digital marketing conference, I found myself immersed in valuable insight, helpful information and innovative ideas from the moment I set …

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The Mannix Marketing team at Hubspot's Inbound 2015 Digital Marketing Conference

5 MORE Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation (and Your Life as a Marketer) Easier

Creating content can be difficult. Creating useful, well-crafted content that is user-centered and search engine friendly can sometimes seem nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are some tricks to content creation that can make creating high quantities of high quality content – and thus your life as a digital marketer – easier.

Whether you work for a marketing agency or you’re responsible for creating content to market your own business, these 5 blog types will help you immensely with the content creation …

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5 MORE Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation Easier
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5 Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation (and Your Life as a Marketer) Easier

As marketers, we all know the value of creating useful, well-crafted content. Many of us are also familiar with the struggle that sometimes accompanies developing and assembling well organized, relevant and stimulating content for clients, and even for our own organizations. It can be challenging to develop high quantities of high quality content – but when you’re able to do so, it’s incredibly rewarding, both for you and your clients.

So how can you crank out high-quality, useful and well organized …

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5 Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation (and Your Life as a Marketer) Easier
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5 Ways to Make the Most of the Marketing Content You Create

If you’ve poured valuable time and effort into creating a blog article, eBook, or other piece of content for your marketing efforts, then you probably want to maximize the return you see on that investment. So how can you be sure your content reaches the right audience in order to build trust, awareness and relationships with current and potential customers? How can you maximize your content marketing to provide long-term value for your business? In today’s article you’ll learn 5 …

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My Number One Content Marketing Tip

I used to consider myself a writer first, a content marketer second. When I started creating visual content, however, I realized that writing and content marketing are not mutually exclusive. After exploring the visual content world, I came up with my one and only content marketing tip. To create a successful content marketing campaign – written or not – you need to do one thing that writers are very good at:

You must tell a story.

In human history, storytelling precedes the advent …

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Content Creation
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New Year Roundup – 10 Helpful Posts From The Past Year

Happy New Year! Out with the old? Not quite yet! Here’s a look at our new year roundup, which includes 10 blog posts from the past year that are still just as helpful and relevant today:

Internet Marketing 101 – Tips

Think Internet marketing is only for optimizers? Think again. While we do obviously recommend hiring a specialist for search engine optimization services, there are still many steps you can take to market your website yourself. The following tips will help you …

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5 Blog Writing Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

As you go about your daily blog writing, be sure to steer clear of these most common grammar mistakes, which are the pitfalls of so many otherwise great writers. When I come across these mistakes, I cringe to read on. Could you be turning readers away with syntax slip-ups? Browse through to discover the most common blog writing grammar mistakes, and be sure you get these grammar rules right the next time you set out to blog!

#1 – The Run-On …

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5 grammar mistakes

How to Optimize Your Presentations with SlideShare and

Presenting at conferences and seminars is a great way to market your brand, promote thought leadership within your niche, and establish new connections within an often rare and intimate personal setting. When leveraged with the proper online tools, your presentation materials can act as source of evergreen content for your inbound marketing efforts long after the presentation has been delivered. Today’s post will show you how to optimize your presentations using SlideShare and, along with a unique blogging tip …

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