Do You Hate Email SPAM As Much As I Do?

Email SPAM drives me crazy. How about you? How many times have you missed an important message because it was hidden among all kinds of SPAM messages? How many minutes do you spend each morning sifting through the good, the bad and the ugly? The answer: too many!

Well, I wish I could offer a way to completely block out all SPAM and only SPAM from your inbox forever… but nothing is ever that easy, is it? What I CAN offer, though, are a few great tips for helping to reduce the amount of SPAM you do receive.

First and foremost, never put your email on your site for all to see without encoding it! Many people mistakenly think that if they put something like “Email us here” and simply link mailto:[email protected], then they are safe. But not so, my friends! This is actually begging for SPAM! It takes a couple of seconds to wrap your email address in some javascript to prevent unwanted SPAM spiders from snatching it up for their own evil devices. It just makes sense. Best of all, it will still show up perfectly normal for all your site viewers – no one would know the difference!

Don’t know code? No problem! Dynamic Drive offers this wonderful tool that will automatically encode your email address. It’s called the email riddler. Check it out here: What I love most about this tool is that it gives you the option to display text (like “email us”) or display the email address itself — perfectly safe. It’s definitely a great tool you will want to bookmark for easy reference! After you encode it, just copy and paste the code into the html of your page in place of where you would have put the email address (If you need help with this, please call us).

Okay, so this works great to prevent future SPAM… but what about the SPAM that is already overcrowding your inbox? I recommend you get a smart SPAM filter where you can adjust the settings to help it better understand what is SPAM and what is safe. It will make your life much easier! Need some recommendations? Mannix Marketing has a whole team of specialists that stays abreast of the latest and best SPAM filters on the market. We can help set you up with with a filter that meets your needs. Call to speak with a friendly voice, ready and willing to assist you with this. You can reach us at 518-743-9424.

About Sara Mannix

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