Google has begun to roll out two new features, focused on home improvement and home services. Google Guarantee and Google Home Service Ads are two new advertising products now available in some areas of the United States. Although they are not yet offered in our region (Upstate NY), both offerings have begun expanding towards the east coast and will most likely make their way into our local markets sometime in the not-so-distant future.

What is Google Guarantee?

The new Google Guarantee is essentially another trust symbol to show consumers that your business is legitimate. It shows up within the search results along side Google listing for businesses that have been prescreened and verified by Google as a fully licensed and insured home service providers.

In a way, the Google Guarantee for home services is like insurance for the consumer. Though there are lots of restrictions, the Google Guarantee tells consumers that they will guarantee the work of the contractor they have verified up to a certain dollar amount (currently $2000). Consumers can cash-in on the guarantee anytime in the 30 days following the completion of a job by filing a claim if they are dissatisfied (assuming that their dissatisfaction does not fall within the numerous exclusions to the guarantee).

What Are Google Home Services Ads?

Google Home Services Ads are essentially a fancy new form of pay per click advertising aimed at the home improvement and home services industry. Essentially, if you participate in the Home Services Ads program, Google will feature your business alongside other Google Guaranteed businesses in the search results.

Google will track the leads by call tracking and charge you for the leads sent to your business via the Home Services Ads. You will pay Google a fee for each lead you receive.

Currently, this is being tested in Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and LA.

The cost per lead will likely start out quite affordable (at the moment it’s approximately $25/lead where Google has already implemented the ads) so when this comes to our area, you’ll want to be ready to jump on the bandwagon while the value is still high.

You can learn more about Google Guarantee and Google Home Services Ads in the full article by Dave Squires.

If you offer home improvement or home services, watch out for this Google change!

If you offer HVAC, home cleaning, lawn care, appliance repair, or other home repairs and improvement services, keep your eye out for Google Guarantee and Google Home Services in your area! It could be a great way for you to further improve your business’ online presence and a valuable opportunity to attract new customers and generate additional sales.

Want to be sure your business is well positioned to take advantage of this new online advertising opportunity when it does roll out in our area? Give us a call today at 518-743-9424 or contact us online to find out how we can help you maximize your online presence!

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