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5 Reasons Every Business Needs Professional Photos

In terms of business expenses, professional photography is often an item on the list that is seen as expendable. Whether you’re a new business just starting out or a well established business, the cost of professional photography might prompt you to wonder if you might be able to get by without it.

After all, you could just take some pictures yourself. Or use stock photos. There are other, more important things you should be spending your organization’s funds on …

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A photographer taking professional photos for a local business

3 Components of an SEO Program that Can Lead to More Business


An early morning conversation with one of our long term clients inspired this post. Rick Koke, President of Koke Inc., experienced the benefits of SEO for his manufacturing company, and had this to say: “You can love your product line all you want, but it’s what the customer needs that makes all the difference.” From discovery to analysis to market research and beyond, SEO is more than just “growing your rankings in the search engines.” Let’s take a closer look at three elements of …

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Google Says Goodbye to AdWords Ads on the Right Hand Side of SERPs

As reported by Search Engine Watch, Google will no longer be showing AdWords ads on the right hand side of its search engine results pages or SERPs for desktop searches. In other words, this means that from this point forward, Google AdWords ads will only appear at the top and bottom of the SERPs for desktop searches worldwide. In this article we’ll look at why Google might be making this change and explore what this could mean for businesses and for search engine …

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AdWords says Goodbye to AdWords Ads on Right Hand of SERPs

Mannix Marketing Earns 3 Spots on the 2015 US Search Awards Shortlist


After winning back-to-back US Search Awards in 2013 and 2014, Mannix Marketing is now in the running for a third consecutive US Search Award nomination by making the US Search Awards 2015 shortlist in 3 distinct award categories. For this year’s awards, Mannix is competing for “Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure,” “Best Low Budget Campaign,” and “Best Use of Social Media in a Search …

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2015 US Search Awards Shortlist Mannix Marketing

Should I Use SEO Or PPC For My Business?

When it comes to digital marketing efforts that can boost traffic to your website, there are two basic options: search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click advertising (PPC). One of the most frequently asked questions about digital marketing is “Should I be using an SEO strategy or a PPC strategy for my website?” This question is very important, as it compares the two most common digital marketing strategies of paid search versus organic search. In this article, we’ll discuss both SEO …

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SEO v PPC Digital Marketing Strategy

How Can Citations Help Your Local SEO?


Of the many factors that can affect local SEO for businesses large and small, one of the most frequently overlooked is “citations.” Whether you have many citations or only a handful, strong citations can help grow your rankings in the search engines for location-specific keywords and attract more potential customers. Learn more about citations and why they’re an essential component of SEO for local …

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You Might Lose Your Google My Business Account Verification If You Don’t Do This

A Google My Business local listing can help you reach today’s consumers and help improve your local search result rankings and presence. Some companies may be at risk of losing the verification on their Google Local listing, according to a recent announcement from Google, and may have to go through the verification process all over again if they don’t take action. In this post, I’ll discuss Google’s announcement and provide some insight into how it could affect your Google My Business listing and your …

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6 Signs You Should Run from an “SEO” Company

Before you make a final decision to hire an SEO company, here are a few red flags to look out for which might indicate you’re going down a dangerous path.

If you’re like most people then you wouldn’t make a big investment on a whim. Most people who are looking to purchase a new vehicle wouldn’t walk onto the lot and buy whatever car they see first. The same goes for hiring an SEO company.

Choosing to hire an SEO company is a big decision for businesses large …

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5 SEO Mistakes With New Website Designs

A new website design. There are few things as anticipated or nerve-wracking as launching a new design for the website of your business. As the site launch date nears, some of us see visions of increased search engine traffic, more orders and reservations, leading to an early retirement. Others have nightmares where the website traffic stops and all business freezes for days on end.

Whichever vision you see when preparing for your website launch, keeping SEO and the importance of the …

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