Moving? Make Sure You Update Thoroughly!

Moving? Changing email addresses? New phone number?

Don’t forget to contact your webmaster when you have any information that needs to be modified. You’d be surprised how many places need to be updated! Let’s say you’re moving … well there is the easy place to start which is by emailing all your contacts in your address book or sending a “We’ve Moved” card snail mail style. But don’t stop there!

Your website needs to be updated first and foremost. Contact pages, contact forms, footers and wherever else your address may be hiding – the webmaster will find it!

Do you have a FaceBook account? Log in and go to the Info tab, you can edit and update your address there.

Don’t forget to update your Google Local Account. This is very important! An old address will result in an incorrect listing. Follow the guidelines below to correct that with Google.

To add or edit a Google Local Listing, click here:

To edit Google Maps, click here:

To edit the location of a place, you can switch your view to Satellite and Show Labels. This allows you to move the marker accurately, as you can see both roads and satellite imagery. After you search for a place, click the appropriate marker.  The info window appears. If the marker is in the wrong location, click Edit. Click Move marker. Click and drag the marker to the correct location. Use the X to help you place the marker. Consider placing it at the entrance of the location, as this helps improve the accuracy of our driving directions. Click Save. Google Maps saves your changes.

If you move the marker more than 200 meters away from its original location, your change appears after further review.

If Google Maps does not allow you to edit a business location, this is because the business owner has already verified information for that business in the Local Business Center. You cannot edit verified listings. If a listed business is yours, claim your business.

Remove a place:

After you search for a place, click the appropriate marker. The info window appears. Click Edit > Remove Place. Choose the reason that Google should remove this place and any comment you have. Click Remove Place. Google will investigate the place you have flagged for removal.

Some of these sites will take time to approve your requests. So, put this as a priority! Make sure you check all your social media sites: MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Digg … you get the idea. After all, if someone wants to get a hold of you, they want to get a hold of you NOW!

About Lisa Bishop

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