10 Qualities of a Reputable Digital Marketing Company

business woman researching digital marketing company optionsNot all digital marketing companies are created equal. In fact, the agency you partner with can literally make or break your website.

But it’s even bigger than that. Digital marketing encompasses your entire online presence, from the way you show up in search results to your social media reputation and more.

So how do you find a digital marketing company that you can trust to get you results? Look for these ten qualities.

Top 10 Qualities of a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency

1. Great People

Behind every successful digital agency is a great team. And the best agencies are staffed with experts in a variety of fields, including web design and programming, SEO and pay-per-click, copywriting, social media, analytics, sales and more.

2. Good Communication

As in any healthy partnership, open and honest communication is key. Good digital marketing agencies see their clients as true partners and keep an open line of communication, regularly detailing the work being conducted and the results it is getting.

3. Flexibility

The digital marketing world is ever changing, so it’s important to partner with a firm that is agile and able to get out in front of trends. Your agency should have a mastery of the latest technology, but also be able to anticipate and respond to changes when they occur.

4. Creativity

Fresh and original ideas are what set digital marketing companies apart. You want a partner who is a trendsetter, not a reactionary, and who uses innovative thinking in your website design, SEO and social media campaigns. Maybe even an agency that has won awards for their work.

5. Ability to Execute

While creativity helps a digital marketing company stand out, the ability to execute on those ideas is what ensures long-term success for a client. Knowing the average length of time that clients stay with an agency says a lot about their ability to deliver on promises.

6. Problem Solving Skills

Undoubtedly problems will arise, but if your partner is solutions oriented they will be prepared to handle the glitches. Look for a digital marketing agency that is quick to identify potential problems or errors and effectively implements fixes and workarounds.

7. Analytics Tools

A reputable digital marketing company performs keyword research and competitive analysis, and knows how to parse through Google Analytics data to find areas that need improvement. They also make sure that clients understand the data and its impact on their business.

8. Measurable Results

The goal of every good digital marketing company should be to get their clients results. When considering a partnership with an agency, look for case studies and testimonials to see how they’ve made their clients successful, and ask about measuring ROI.

9. Strong Online Presence

Would you hire an agency to manage your Facebook page if they didn’t have one of their own? Check to make sure the digital marketing company that you are considering has an updated website, good search engine results and is active on social media.

10. Transparent Billing

Trustworthy digital marketing agencies are upfront about their charges, and they make the billing process simple so that clients know what they are getting and at what price. Look for month-to-month contracts and ensure the contract language is easy-to-understand.

Looking for a Reputable Digital Marketing Company?

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