Top 5 Benefits of Rich Media Ads

Have you ever come to a website and seen an ad that expands when you hover over it, or an ad in the corner that you can peel back to reveal more of the message? These are called rich media ads and they can be a very powerful online advertising medium. Did you know rich media ads outperform standard and animated display ads with increased conversions, click-through and view through rates? In some cases, research has shown that rich media ads can have five times stronger click-through rates than standard display ads!

We wanted to put together some unique reasons why rich media ads are a successful marketing tool.

Although there are more than just five, Here are my top reasons why I love rich media ads:

  1.  High Interaction Rate. Because rich media ads have functions like video, movement and other engaging features, potential customers can interact with the ads. This engagement could provide uplift in brand awareness and message association.
  2.  More Calls to Action. With rich media ads, instead of only being able to link to one landing page, you can have different zones to link to your social media outlets, contact form and landing page.

    Corner Site Peel - Example of a Rich Media Ad
    Example of a Rich Media Ad
  3. Larger Space to Provide Visuals and Messaging. Some ads have limited spacing that you have to play with and provide your messaging. With a rich media ad, you have much more space to display photos, offer more calls to action, and engage.
  4. Can Include Video. Video is fast becoming a HUGE marketing medium on the web. With YouTube and video consumption exploding online, it is important to make sure you have an online video marketing campaign in the works. Rich media video ads are a great way to utilize your video and gain engagement.
  5. Increased Tracking. With rich media ads, you have the opportunity to view other measurable statistics about your consumers. For example, with video ads, you can see how many people watched a video, or the percentage of videos viewed.

Want to learn more about rich media ads? Contact one of Mannix Marketing’s internet marketing consultants at 518-743-9424 for even more reasons why rich media ads are an incredibly strong and powerful marketing and branding tool for your business.

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