Don’t Stop SEO-ing When the Power Goes Out!

I’m up here in the Northeast where a major snow/ice/sleet/cats and dogs storm just plowed through. Hundreds of thousands were without electricity and one point or another, and tens of thousands are still without.

That got me to thinking – if I showed up to work this morning and there was no power, what could I actually accomplish as an SEO Strategist? Well, I started a list and here is what I have so far:

  • Make a list of all the industries my clients serve or touch in some way – a real comprehensive, free thinking list that goes beyond the normal day to day thinking; from this list devise a link building plan of attack, from types of businesses I will just ask for a link from, to what types of articles I will need to develop to entice these businesses to link to my clients.
  • Call my clients and speak with them on a more strategic level that can’t always be touched over in email.
  • Think about my clients from a total business perspective – not just an SEO perspective; this should be done often, but without their website to blind me it gives me a chance to really think about their businesses on what I can do to help increase conversions.
  • Without having a site in front of me, start from scratch on developing new content for pages that I have been having trouble getting traffic to convert (maybe a high bounce rate page); start my thoughts from a blank slate instead of trying to fit within a design or copy that has all ready been written.
  • Read through the stack of industry magazines I have piled up behind me 🙂
  • Write a blog about what I am doing, blog writing always a good idea
  • Write articles for my clients (I know – I will need to type them up at some point – but at least a first draft gets me going in the right direction here)

Not too bad for just a pencil and paper, right? Now of course the power would still need to come on to complete some of these, but at least I know I won’t be sitting in the dark twiddling my thumbs should the power go out.

I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the service of SEO tasks I could get started on should the power go out, so let me know what you would do in the case of such an emergency.

About Brian McGrath

Over the past 20 years, Brian has experienced many aspects of marketing, including brand management, copywriting, campaign coordination, paid search marketing, social media marketing and internet marketing. Brian now uses this knowledge to help our clients maximize their presence on the internet. His expertise in all things marketing gives our clients – and the Mannix Marketing SEO team – a distinct advantage in all areas of search. His extraordinary analytic skills provide SEO, social media and paid search clients with real, measurable results. To maintain his cutting edge expertise, Brian stays current on the latest trends in social media and digital marketing by reading industry publications, attending conferences, and consulting with peers.