There is a debate that has been going on in the video SEO space for a while having to do with where the best place is to post your videos for maximum optimization and visibility.

We’ve been told by many SEO’s that their favorite video posting service is Wistia (over Vimeo). There are a number of compelling reasons why posting on Wistia is a great idea:

  • You won’t have any ads or competitor videos showing up on your video or appearing after your video plays
  • The video is housed directly on YOUR website, which is much better for SEO
  • Your video will show up in the search results, sending your traffic to your site and not Youtube
  • Wistia offers great video analytics

With all these positives, what’s the down side? Well, YouTube is the world’s third largest search engine.  And eyes, videos on YouTube do send traffic directly there, but shouldn’t you also harness the awesome power of their audience?

We debated this in our Digital Mastermind Group the evening before I heard Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz speak for the first time. At the HubSpot conference right after, he actually answered the question with the most brilliant solution:  use both!  So, why not?  When you post to YouTube, use one unique title and description for your video, and when you post to Wistia, use a different one.  If you want to be even more White Hat, just do two slightly different versions of the same video – one for YouTube and one for Wistia.

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