Saratoga County Chamber Giveaway on phone screen

Why Saratoga Chamber of Commerce Partners with Mannix Tourism For Their Marketing Needs

Each year, people near and far flock to Saratoga en masse to enjoy world-class attractions in a beautiful setting. To promote the region even further, the Saratoga County Chamber Of Commerce reached out to Mannix Marketing wanting to leverage to increase the awareness, reach, engagement, and followers of the chamber’s Facebook page.

By working together, Mannix and the Saratoga Chamber created content that readers would find both useful and entertaining. Sharing information about events, attractions, lodging, and of course where to eat and drink, was the primary focus to promote the Saratoga area and encourage vacationers and stay-cationers to come out and enjoy all the area has to offer!

Highlights from Saratoga County’s Custom Destination Marketing Package:


Sponsored articles (8)
  • 15,000+ page views
  • 2:03 average time on page
  • 142 local businesses featured
Sponsored Facebook Posts (6 posts/month)
  • 1.1+ Million Impressions
  • 775,000+ People Reached
  • 49,500+ Engagements (including post clicks)
Facebook Page Growth Promotions (8 ads)
  • 800+ New Page Likes Earned for the Saratoga Chamber Facebook Page
Facebook Sweepstakes Promo (2)
  • 73,500+ Impressions
  • 10,500+ Clicks to Entry Form
  • 5,500+ Engagements (including post clicks)


See how Mannix can help your county drive engagement and tourism to your area. With partners like the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Washington County Tourism, the Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce, and many more consider Mannix Tourism your go-to source for all tourism-related branding.