Saratoga Sod Facebook Ad

SEO, Google Ads & Facebook Ads Increase Website Traffic & Leads for Sod Company

After a fresh new website design, Saratoga Sod Farm was looking to build upon the initial successes and keep the momentum going with more traffic and more leads. The sod farm chose to go with an aggressive plan that focused on paid ads on both Facebook and Google, as well as an SEO booster program designed to further improve organic visibility.

The Results

  • 288% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 653% Increase in Google Ad Conversions
  • 266% Increase in Facebook Traffic

SEO Booster Program

Saratoga Sod opted for our SEO Booster Program to kick off the search engine optimization on their website. This ‘starter’ SEO program gives clients a great SEO foundation so they show up more in organic search results. It included optimizing meta titles and meta descriptions, optimizing h1/h2/h3 headers, interlinking pages throughout site, optimizing on page content, developing new content, implementing schema, amending site navigation, optimizing the site footer, running technical SEO audits, running backlink audits, optimizing their 404 page, and regularly posting on their Google My Business listing.

Over 6 months, we saw a significant 288% increase in overall search traffic coming to the website, with a 305% increase in traffic from Google, specifically. We’ve also seen an overall 31% increase in search engine visibility for their keywords.

Google Ads

For paid advertising, Mannix created and optimized Google search ads for their Big Yellow Bag and sod products. Keyword research was conducted to determine what keywords needed more visibility and attention. Any irrelevant terms and locations outside of their delivery zone were filtered out. Further optimizations were made for audience, device, demographics, ads, and ad schedule as needed on an ongoing basis. The results of the paid search program were a 16.34% increase in paid clicks and 653% increase in conversions all while spending 6% less than the previous ad campaigns run in 2017.

Facebook Ads

Similar to their Google Ads, we also created and optimized Facebook Ads for their Big Yellow Bag and sod products. New interest and custom audience targeting was created to draw new website visitors and remarket to previous visitors. The result of the improved Facebook Ad program was a 266% increase in Facebook traffic and a 175% increase in conversions.

The team at Mannix Marketing are true professionals, focused on achieving our goals. We love the clean look of our new site—it’s easy to navigate and loaded with helpful information. Customers are finding us, learning about the benefits of sod, and inquiries are converting to orders.

Penny Heritage | Saratoga Sod