Cookies to Decorate makes cookie decorating kits for a variety of special occasions. When Tom and Mary reached out to Mannix Marketing, they needed an easy-to-use, responsive, e-commerce website that would allow them to sell their cookie decorating kits directly to families, teachers, and other customers online, while distinguishing Cookies to Decorate from the many competitors in this industry.

Cookies to Decorate Website Design and Development

Fun, Responsive, E-Commerce Website for Cookies to Decorate

To set Cookies to Decorate apart from competitors and appeal to their target audience, we created a fun website with vibrant colors and unique layouts. A user-friendly navigation menu is displayed prominently across the top of the site so that visitors can browse kits by special occasions, seasons and holidays, and other themes.

With so many different types of cookie decorating kits available, it was important to display products in such a way that would help visitors quickly and easily find the kits that best fit their needs, so we featured the most popular product categories with compelling images and targeted calls-to-action throughout the home page.

When visitors land on the product pages they’ll find a unique photo and description that conveys what makes these cookie decorating kits unique. The new e-commerce website for Cookies to Decorate uses a professional shopping cart which lets potential customers add products to their cart and purchase the kits directly through the website.

Finally, by creating a mobile-friendly responsive website, Cookies to Decorate has a website that is optimized for desktops, tablets, and smartphones which means that customers can easily purchase the kits online from any device!

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