Can You Embed Video Into Your Email Newsletters?

Absolutely! you can embed videos into your email… however, that isn’t the question that you should be asking.

The real question is “Should you embed video into your email newsletters?”

And our response is that it depends. From our research no one has ever done an a/b study of this (so we will try)… but basically it depends on your business, your video, and your end-goal.  To be safe, a/b test, send 1/2 your recipients an email that links to a video and the other 1/2 an embedded video. Don’t want to bother with a/b testing, go with your gut.

When you shouldn’t embed a video in your emails:

Generally, if your goal is a conversion and that conversion happens best on your website, then don’t embed. Instead, Show a screenshot of the video with the play button and link it to a landing page with a lead generation form and the actual video. If the goal of your email newsletter is to convert that person into the next action in the buying cycle and getting them to your site for next steps, a landing page can be a great conversion tool. But don’t take my word for it, here is a great explanation from Wistia.

When (and how) should you embed video in your emails

Embedding video into your emails is shown to increase replies, leads, and referrals. So, when you don’t need them to take action on your website -embed your video into your emails. Email can greatly humanize you and it’s a marvelous tool for sales.  Now… How do you embed video in your emails?  We recommend using a service like WiseStamp, it’s a fun simple and easy-to-use program to add embedded video to your emails.


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