Google Local Results For Non Local Queries

Google Local is all the buzz with the expansion of local results for non local search queries. What are you talking about? Let’s delve into this a bit more.

If you type in a non local search query, Google now shows search results related to your IP address  regardless whether you typed in your location or not! What’s even better is that these local search results are pulling in whether you are signed into your Google account or not! Wild. Go ahead, try it out.

For kicks, I typed in “restaurants” into Google. The first 3 results show, (reviews of restaurants in major cities) and of course, Low and behold…guess what comes up next!
Google Local Restaurants Results 12801
In the fourth spot, a Google map appears listing restaurants in the Glens Falls area. These local business listings are known as the “10 Pack” that are based upon your search query and IP. Sometimes, if the locale is off the beaten path, Google may only list the top 3 local places within an IP address.

Google Local for Restaurants in 12801

Even though I didn’t add my location to my search query, Google is customizing my results to where my IP is located in hopes of providing me with even more relevant  information. Google also supplies me with additional restaurants in the 12801 zip code:
Additional Google Local Results
Google also gives you the option to change your location to somewhere more specific. By simply clicking on the “change location” link above the 10 Pack listings, you can customize search results for a  broad based search phrase. Type your zip code and you are off!

Does Google only pull in local results for obvious products or services? Answer = No. Try queries such as, “police stations“, “parks“,  or even “dog kennels” and local results will appear among nationally ranked sites. So what?

This new search functionality puts local businesses on the map whether they are trying to get found or not! For the first time, both national businesses and local businesses are somewhat on the same playing field. With the query “dog kennel” Google gives me the option of shopping for a crate/kennel, reading reviews about kennels, or booking a stay for Fido at Bailey’s Bed and Breakfast in the next town over!

Bottom Line:

  • Now more than ever, claiming your local business listing matters. Have you claimed your local Google or Yahoo local listing? Contact us for more information. Get Found locally.
  • The long tail does matter. Make sure each web page has fresh content as the engines will either pull a snippet from the Meta data or the web page itself. Getting listed in the “10 Pack” will make you more credible and clickable!
  • IP Matters:  Are search engine rankings truly dead? Us marketers have heard this a lot lately. Dead? Maybe not completely cu put…but maybe less relevant now with the onset of  personalized search and intent based search within advertising platforms.

Stay tuned for more buzz about Local search and Google Local Business Listings

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