How To Reach Mobile Users With Google Ads Search Ads

Are your Google Ads Search ads reaching mobile users? In this article, I’ll delve into why it’s so important to reach mobile searchers and provide tips on how to optimize your Ads Search ads for mobile devices. If you’re new to Google Ads, you may want to start with one of my previous blog posts to learn some of the basics about what Google Ads is and the potential it has to help your business increase traffic and conversions.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen dramatic increases in mobile search traffic due to the rise of the smartphone. As a result, companies are spending more and more on mobile advertising. In fact, mobile advertising is now the main driver of global ad spend and is growing 6 times faster than desktop internet. With stats like that, it’s clear to see why mobile advertising spend is projected to increase even more in 2015.

As we are getting ready to move into 2015, now more than ever is the time to ensure your Google Ads Search campaigns are optimized for mobile. With the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns to Ads in early 2013, Google provided a streamlined way for campaign managers to use one campaign to set different bids and show different ads based on a user’s device type, time of day and location. But first, let’s discuss what makes mobile search traffic so valuable before we delve into different ways to capture it.

The Power Of Mobile Search

The power of search marketing lies in its ability to allow you to connect with people who are actively searching for keywords that are directly relevant to your product, business or service.

Optimizing Search ads for desktop is different than optimizing for mobile in that when you factor in variables such as the location, time and device on which a particular keyword search is executed, you must also consider the intent of those mobile users in order to determine how to best reach them.

Consider this example: Jessica and her friends were shopping all day in downtown Saratoga Springs NY, notice that it is already 6:30 pm and realize they are hungry. Jessica pulls out her phone and performs a search for pizza. In this case, Jessica and her friends are most likely looking for directions to a pizza place close by that sells pizza by the slice.  As a PPC marketer, for a Saratoga Springs pizza restaurant, there are several things you can do to ensure your ad appeals to Jessica. Let’s take a deeper look at a few easy things you can do to optimize your ads for mobile.

Google AdWords for Mobile
When creating your mobile Ads ad, keep in mind the importance of ad copy and why the user performed the search in the first place.

5 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

There isn’t just one thing you should do to optimize your ads for mobile. There is no magic switch to flip or a mobile Ads genie waiting to grant your mobile ads wish. Rather, it is a combination of trying different things that will help you best optimize your ads for mobile.  Below are some helpful recommendations that provide insight into how to optimize your ads for mobile:

Make your ad mobile friendly. 

When creating a new text ad, it is eligible to show on all devices – computer/tablet and mobile. If you want a mobile specific text ad that will only show to searches that originated on mobile devices, make sure to check the box for mobile under “Device preference.”

Use mobile specific ad copy.

When you understand a searcher’s intent and the context in which they are searching, it is easier to create better ads. Develop mobile specific ad copy that will appeal to mobile searchers. Using our Jessica example from earlier, the mobile ad you create can include compelling text and ad extensions to entice Jessica to eat at a particular restaurant. Highlighting a dinner special or using a strong call to action would help to drive Jessica to the restaurant.

Direct ads to the right place.

A typical trend we see with mobile users, is that they are looking for an immediate response to their search. If your ad appeals to them, they will click, but what they do after clicking is extremely important. If the searcher is taken to a poorly designed mobile page with information that is sparse or difficult to read, chances are that user will leave. And if the landing page on your website isn’t mobile friendly, you can be sure they will leave too. Make sure users have a good experience on your website so direct your ads to a relevant page and ensure your ad’s destination URL directs to a site that is mobile friendly (responsive site or separate mobile site) and that loads quickly.

Utilize mobile specific ad extensions & ad extension scheduling.

Make sure when creating ad extensions, you also add in mobile specific extensions. Ad extension scheduling is a tool that can really make a big difference. For example, scheduling your mobile click to call extension so that it shows only when your business is open is a great way to help optimize for mobile.

Try out different bidding options.

There are three different bidding options – Time, Location and Device. To get the most out of these bidding options, make sure you understand your traffic and demographic. For example, applying a -50% bid adjustment for a business that is closed on weekends is one way to ensure you are maximizing your budget. Bidding by device allows you to apply an adjustment to traffic originating on mobile devices. Bidding by location allows you to apply a bid adjustment for a specific location.

Need help with your Google Ads Mobile Strategy?

These are just some of the many things you can do to optimize your ads for mobile. Always be willing to test out new things to find out what works best for your industry. Each industry is unique so what may work well for one on mobile, may not produce results for another industry.

Mannix Marketing’s team of Ads Certified digital marketing strategists can help and provide suggestions for maximizing your Ads spend with a mobile marketing strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get found on the web using Google Ads!

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