What I’ve Learned in my First Year as a Project Manager at Mannix Marketing

As a Project Manager for our Website Design and Development department, Allyson Bozeth keeps numerous projects organized and makes sure that everything runs according to plan. If our high client satisfaction scores are any indication of her performance, then it’s clear that Ally is having a profound impact. Now that Ally is approaching her 1 year anniversary with Mannix Marketing, she’s taking some time to reflect on the lessons that stood out during her first year in this fast-paced, hands-on role.

1. It Takes a Village

“When I first joined Mannix Marketing, I was surprised to discover just how many hands were involved in creating a website,” Ally recalls. At Mannix Marketing, we have a team of designers, developers, marketing strategists, copywriters, SEOs, and professionals from other departments all contributing to the process. When you take into account the valuable role of our clients, it really dawns on you just how many people it takes to bring a new website to life- the right way.

2. Everything Communicates

To truly be effective for your business (and your customers), your website has to be more than just a pretty design. As Ally puts it, “Specific design elements like image placement and fonts can have a major impact on how people interpret a website.” It’s true- everything communicates, and every visible element on the page can influence a visitor’s behavior.

Of course, there’s a lot happening happen behind the scenes, such as how quickly the website loads, that can affect whether or not people stay on your website. A fast-loading website sends the message that you value your visitors’ time.

3. Organization is Essential

To say that Ally is in a fast-paced role would be a major understatement. From managing projects to relaying deliverables to coordinating the stages of the website redesign and beyond, she knows the importance of being organized and how to do so with grace and professionalism.

“In order to keep track of all the clients, projects, deadlines, and deliverables, being organized is an essential skill in my role as project manager. I’ve created a system that lets me know the status of each project and what each client and department needs to supply so that we can continue to move forward in our process.”

4. You’re Constantly Building- and Strengthening- Relationships

Ally is the main point of contact between our team and our clients throughout the website design and development process. As a result, she takes the opportunity to learn about the different people, their personalities, and stories that come into play, and realizes that these stories can create a deeper bond that strengthens the relationship between our firm and our clients.

“I remember each one of my clients professionally as well as personally from the start of a project to long after it ends.” She continues, “When clients call a few days, weeks, or even months later, I find myself asking how their kids are doing or how they enjoyed their vacation to Florida.”

Big or small, every interaction is seen as an opportunity to foster the relationship and improve our clients’ experience.