A Look at 2011 and the Future of Internet Marketing

With 2011 almost upon us, I wanted to give you some ideas to add to your Internet Marketing campaign. The following areas should be on the forefront of your future.

  • Website – Engagement is the key word for 2011. Not only should you engage with Social Media, but you should engage with visitors directly on your website. Add all the key elements to your site to keep the searcher involved. Are you utilizing videos? Are you giving the user an experience that will result in your end goal? Connect with your searchers on every level directly through your website.
  • Facebook – A Facebook is an essential part of any Marketing Campaign. In 2011, take your Page to the next level! Make sure you are utilizing the Custom Tab feature. Make sure that your Tabs are functional and practical. Since there are only a few spots for Tabs, use ones that will benefit your campaign and your fans the most.By using the @ function, you can “tag” other people or companies, therefore posting your post on their wall in addition to your own. This is an easy way to spread your message!Make sure your posts are “share worthy”. This is the name of the game and is what truly makes this viral marketing. If you want your news to spread, make it interesting. Your goal for 2011 in regards to Facebook should be: More Likes.
  • Mobile – With Tim Mayer predicting that mobile search will occupy 1 in 5 of the searches by 2012, it’s time to get involved! Ask yourself if searchers can find your content from their mobile device. If the answer is no, put this on your list for next year!

Blending all your marketing efforts will get you the best results. We at Mannix Marketing wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!