How To Increase Your Quality Score: 3 Tips!

If you’re familiar with PPC then you know about Quality Score and about the great importance of Quality Score on your cost per click (CPC). Having a HIGH Quality Score can save up to 50% of the CPC. This CPC bonus can yield savings on cost per acquisition (CPA) up to 80%. To sum it up, you want to increase your Quality Score to reduce your overall spending. Sounds pretty easy.

So, “How to increase your Quality Score”, you ask? Well, these 3 Tips might give your QS a boost:

How To Increase Your Quality Score: Tip #1: Use an Exclamation Point in Every Ad!

Just one exclamation point, please! Google allows one exclamation point per ad, but in side-by-side ads, the one with the “!” in it will return the higher CTR.

How To Increase Your Quality Score: Tip #2: Use Google Ad Extensions & (in some cases) PLA’s

There are normal ads and then there are ad extensions (BTW, these are free to use). Ad extensions increase the real estate of your ad and increase the chances of being clicked on. Translation, you are almost guaranteed to increase the ad’s click through rates (CTRs).

+ Sitelinks
+ Call extensions
+ Location Extensions
+ Product Listing Ads (PLAs)*

*for e-com sites selling products

How To Increase Your Quality Score: Tip #3: Bid on your Brand

Ever see brands paying for ads on themselves and ask WHY? Branded phrases are cheap because you have little to no competition, and these types of phrases also get high CTR’s (and have high Quality Scores as well). This boost in Quality Score will in turn boost your account-wide QS average thus saving money.

Now if you want to be a PPC super star, combine all of the above tips into a branded phrase ad that uses an exclamation point and site extensions!

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