Mannix Wins “Best Interactive Marketing – Health & Beauty” at IMA 2019

Interactive 2019 Marketing Awards Winner Logo

Mannix Marketing took home “Best Interactive Marketing – Health & Beauty” in the Interactive Marketing Awards 2019 competition in recognition of the agency’s work with Eddy Senior Living. The award was presented to Mannix Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Lisa Bishop and Digital Marketing Strategist Danielle Martindale at the celebratory gala dinner on March 6, 2019 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Centre.

“We are all thrilled and proud of Lisa and Dani for winning the Interactive Marketing Award,” said Jennifer Manz, Director of Digital Marketing for Mannix. “The mix of SEO, content marketing, and paid search marketing worked seamlessly together resulting in an outstanding campaign for Eddy. Their partnership with the professionals at Eddy Senior Living truly made this such an incredible success. We couldn’t be happier to work with such a dedicated, collaborative team.”

Danielle Martindale holding 2019 IMA Award for Eddy Senior Living SEO & PPC campaign

Mannix Marketing Inc. & Eddy Senior Living – Organic SEO & Pay-Per-Click Campaign

The campaign, with the goal to ultimately increase occupancy in the Eddy Senior Living retirement communities, focused on improving Eddy Senior Living’s online presence and increasing phone calls and contact form submissions through SEO, content marketing, and PPC strategies.

The PPC strategy, led by Martindale, aimed to create individual campaigns for each of Eddy’s individual community with a specialized landing page for each community, in addition to device targeting (desktop for senior citizens, mobile and tablets for their adult children) and remarketing to retarget those who had visited the Eddy Senior Living website in the past. “I’m very excited to have this campaign recognized against some of the best in the industry,” said Martindale. “I’m also so grateful for the Eddy Senior Living team. It just goes to show that a strong client-agency partnership can achieve great things.”

The SEO and Content Marketing strategy, led by Bishop with the assistance of fellow strategist Lisa Frawley, worked on replacing spammy traffic with relevant traffic by optimizing pages with keywords and designing blog content to support the chosen keywords. The Mannix team worked in tandem with Eddy Senior Living’s existing email marketing and social marketing so that the message was consistent across all mediums. “It feels great to be acknowledged for hard work! A special thanks for the awesome team over at Eddy Senior Living who contributes to our efforts and makes our job easier,” said Bishop.

The success for this calculated campaign was profound! The result was a 27% increase in website traffic and an outstanding 1,248% increase in conversions, which translated into a 159% increase in sales/occupancy.

A Second Win for Mannix Marketing at the IMA Awards

The win marks continued success at the awards for Mannix Marketing, which has earned several shortlists and an IMA award in the past. In 2018, Mannix Marketing was the winner of the “Best Social Media Campaign” category for their Facebook marketing work with New Way Lunch.

The Interactive Marketing Awards celebrates and rewards excellence in interactive marketing campaigns, agencies, and in-house teams. The awards are exceptionally competitive, attracting hundreds of entries from the leading search and digital agencies from across the US for the award’s 23 entry categories.

This judging this year was a rigorous two-stage process including pre-scoring to determine shortlists and a judging meeting where entries were discussed by a panel of international industry experts and evaluated in detail to decide the winning entries. “We are so proud and excited to be honored with another IMA award!” said Sara Mannix, Founder, and CEO of Mannix Marketing. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the fantastic teams at St. Peter’s Health Partners and Eddy Senior Living. You can not create great marketing without a great partner.”

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