SEO: Your Small Business Partner

Thinking outside the box is standard procedure in the world of internet marketing! A sophisticated and intelligent world-wide market has succeeded in demanding (and receiving) better quality websites, professional writing and copy, lightning-fast speed, slick audio and interactive environments.  So…what if you’re a ‘Mom and Pop’? Maybe you have a small brick-and-mortar shop, have a specialty item you want to sell, or just want to stick your toe in the water and see if you have what it takes to run with the big dogs? Is there room for you, or has it all just gotten too big?

The good news is that with skillful and targeted SEO, you can participate in today’s busy online marketplace no matter how small your business or how basic your website.  Just like with any business, finding success online includes creating a business plan and using that as your guide each step of the way.

There is much you can  do to lend your own sense of style to your site, whether you’re selling goods or creating an informational location. Create copy that reflects your style and flair, newsletters, descriptive images or quality photography that speaks clearly to what you do, sell or offer, or provide steps to your visitor outlining how to call, email, buy, or participate in what you’re offering. What else could you possibly need?

Know when to turn to the professionals for help. With the extraordinary amount of competition out there, getting your business found on the internet may be difficult and not for the faint of heart! Utilizing the services of an internet marketing company like Mannix Marketing, Inc. to get your business off the ground is more than just a good idea – it’s good business.  In addition to complete website design and development services that are the nuts and bolts of any online environment, professional search engine optimization, keyword research and the creation of targeted meta data are the cornerstones of a solid business plan, and something you just can’t do without.

If you are like most small business owners, you love what you do. There is a ton of competition out there, there’s no doubt about it, and in today’s tough economy, cutting the wrong corners can be fatal to your business! Your considerable expertise combined with professional SEO can make the difference in the world when it comes to getting visitors to your site and keeping them there!

About Sara Mannix

Sara Mannix founded Mannix in 1996 with a goal to get clients found on the web through organic search engine optimization (SEO). The company now serves over 1500 clients worldwide and employs a team of 30 specialists, operating under the tagline "Success Measured." The tagline reflects the company's focus on measurable results for every client. This multifaceted company is an industry leader, specializing in organic SEO, conversion rate optimization, SEO-friendly website design, paid advertising (PPC). Mannix Marketing has two divisions, one side is focused on lead generation for nationally competitive businesses. The other side is focused on local businesses. Mannix has one of the largest portfolios of tourism and city guides in Upstate New York. These guides, (,,, and etc), reach over 10 million visitors a year. Corresponding social media profiles for the region extend this reach to millions every month.

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