Success Starts with a Passion for Learning – A Conversation with Alaina

Alaina Kamppila“I really like that something that is a part of our culture is learning.”  Alaina Kamppila, Digital Marketing and SEO Strategist at Mannix Marketing

Mannix emphasizes the importance of measurable success. This success can be identified tangibly through increased client engagement, traffic and leads, but it begins initially within our company culture. One of our main pillars is the encouragement of continuous learning as we navigate through the rapidly changing field of digital marketing.

As someone who joined the field with knowledge of basic marketing strategies but a less comprehensive understanding of SEO and in-depth methods, Alaina found the opportunities to learn and grow to be a really important part of her position when she started at Mannix in the summer of 2021. She joined us, having completed some training during her personal time but happily discovered that her new career was constructed with built-in time to grow.

“I am constantly being encouraged to make sure I take time to do courses that will help me further my understanding of the things I need to become proficient in.”

Mannix also utilizes mentoring to help increase communication and exchange knowledge between coworkers that have differing levels of experience within their specific distribution.

“As younger strategists we are encouraged to learn, we have opportunities to learn, and we’re given the resources to do so.”

Alaina’s time spent learning has led her to complete several certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Advanced Social Advertising, which she believes provide great introductions to marketing topics. “If you take a step back and understand how greater marketing strategy all interconnects and works together, it will improve your knowledge of the niche within the field you’re focusing on,” she explains.

As everything in the digital marketing world is honing in on user experience and value-oriented content, it’s important for everyone to continue learning regardless of caliber or experience within the field.

“Things change all the time, and there are also major pivotal moments, as the algorithms change in sophistication, the strategies change.”

Identifying those changes and continuously learning effective strategies to combat them as they surface is how success will continue to be measured at Mannix and within the field of digital marketing.

“If you can’t keep up with search engine changes, you can’t get pages to rank and that’s the main goal of SEO.”

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