30+ Facebook Story Ideas for Businesses

Close up of a fashion designer taking Facebook story with a designer dresses in her fashion studioIs your business using Facebook Stories? If not, your page is missing out on the visibility and engagement from the 150 million people using Facebook Stories daily.

What Are Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories emerged in March 2017 as Facebook’s answer to capitalizing on the success of Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Facebook Stories are short photo and video posts that appear in bubbles on the top of news feeds. Like their counterparts, Facebook Stories only last 24 hours, so they lend themselves to engaging of-the-moment material that you don’t mind not living on your page permanently.

Why Are Facebook Stories So Great for Businesses?

Facebook Stories provide businesses another opportunity to engage with fans, drive traffic to their website, further brand awareness, and promote time-sensitive deals.

One key advantage of using Facebook Stories is they have the strategic advantage of appearing on top of the news feed above posts and ads. So if you’re struggling being seen by your followers with the Facebook algorithm, Facebook Stories are your chance at some free highly-visible marketing.

Facebook Stories position on app

You can also cross post your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories by checking “Share Your Story to Facebook- Automatically share photos and videos from your story to your Facebook story” under story settings in Instagram.

Turning on share to Facebook Stories in Instagram Stories

30+ Facebook Story Ideas for Businesses

Struggling to come up with Facebook Story Ideas for the month? We’ve got over thirty different Facebook Story ideas below, that’s at least one per day!

1. Share a Quote Related to Your Business

Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a word of wisdom, sharing a quote related to your business is a quick and easy story idea. Here’s something a bookstore could post:

Book stores always remind me that there are good things in the world. Vincent Van Gogh

2. Advertise Your Email Newsletter

Just because a customer may be following you on Facebook doesn’t mean they’re on your email newsletter list. Cross-promote and watch your subscriber list grow!

Looking to Save? Sign up and get 20% off Art Supplies. Bi-weekly Email Newsletter

3. Send Traffic To a New Blog Post

When a new blog post goes live on your site, send an initial boost of traffic by highlighting it on your stories.

Do Google My Business Posts Matter? Read Our Blog

4. Highlight Your Daily Specials

If you’re a business, like a restaurant, that has daily specials, you’ve got a week’s worth of content right there. Highlight your daily specials each day of the week!

Thursday Specials. $7.49 Caesar, Fajita, or Buffalo Wraps. $3.25 Bud Light Pints

5. Boost a Sale

Give extra visibility to an existing sale or coupon code by showcasing it on your story.

10% Off All Summer Reservations. Book with Code "Summer" at Checkout

6. Celebrate a National Holiday

There’s practically a “National _____ Day” every day of the week. Find one that correlates to your business and post!

Happy National Burger Day! Cheese or No Cheese? That is the question!

7. Promote an Event

Give an upcoming event more visibility in your Facebook story. This can be a sale, an in-store event, a networking party, a conference, etc.

Feb 28- Client Happy Hour. Join us for free drinks and networking!

8. Employee Take Over

Show customers the humans behind your brand by having an employee “take over” your stories and show their work day.

Parked & Ready to start the Work Week. Monday

9. Highlight A Client

Everybody can use a little boost. Shout out a client to give them a little extra love and visibility.

We love doing PR for @chefjeff ! Check out his page for delicious recipes.

10. Showcase Your Product/Services

Got a product launch? A new service? Or want to remind customers of an existing one? Put it in the story!

Pink Collection in stores now! Shop Now!

11. Share A Joke

Everybody needs a laugh. Bonus points if you can make the joke related to your industry.

Joke Time! What's a pirate's favorite digital marketing content? A webinAAAAAAARGH!

12. Business Bingo

Play a little game of bingo with your customers by having them check off tasks related to your business. Below is an example of a restaurant seeing how far diners have explored their menu. But for other industries you can do products, services, events attended…

Menu Bingo

13. Run a Contest

Running an exclusive contest on stories is a smart way to encourage users to watch your story on a daily basis–they’ll be anxious to see when you run one again!

Win free ice cream! RESPOND TO OUR STORY WITH your favorite ice cream flavor!

14. Behind The Scenes

Give followers a peek behind the curtain when you’re setting up for an event, conference, showcase, etc.

Our booth is set for this weekend''s bridal show!

15. Special Announcements

Share important messages about your brand to your stories to make sure they’re seen by all active followers. This could be new hours, a new product, moving locations, etc.

Saratoga Yoga & Pilates Palace WE are now open on mondays! Get your workout in every day of the week!

16. Answer FAQs

What are your customers’ top asked question? You’ve got about 10-20 stories right there. Answer them in your stories to keep your customers informed.

How do I get FREE SHIPPING? Add $100 or more to your cart to Get Free SHIPPING in the USA.

17. Tell a Piece of Your Company’s History

Is today a special tay in your company’s past? Let your followers know!

July 1st, 2019. Our store opened this day, one year ago!

18. Reshare Customer Images

Customer generated images give an authentic voice to your brand. Just be sure to ask permission to share first!

Our Frames LOok Great on Our Customers

19. Highlight Reviews

The Reviews section is a bit buried on Facebook. Showcase your top-notch testimonials from in your stories!

Clean room, great room service, fast checkout. Will visit again soon!

20. Share a Sneak Peak

New product launching soon? Are you offering a brand new service next month? Teasing an annual sale or event?Coming Soon. Fruity Pebble Donuts

21. Before & After

How does you product or service benefit customers? Give us visual proof!

Anti-Acne Facials. They Really work! Book Yours at our Med Spa today!

22. Share an Exclusive Offer

Reward your Facebook Story viewers for keeping up with your stories and you’ll make them story viewers for life.

Secret sale for Facebook STORY VIEWERS . Use the code "SHHH25" for 25% off at checkout!

23. Show Your Workspace

Where do you make your magic? Followers love little glimpses behind the scenes that make brands human. Show them where your company gets work done!

Take a virtual tour of our office! See where your favorite local advertising team works!

24. Overheard Water Cooler Conversations

What’s everyone talking about in the office? Create a conversation and capitalize off recent cultural events in your story.

Overheard in the office: "BUDWEISER HAD THE BEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL THIS YEAR." Do you agree?

25. Product Demo

Use your stories as a teaching moment. You can go much more into detail in stories than you could in a single post.

How to Brew with Coffeepod. Keep clicking to learn how!

26. Two Truths & A Lie

Quiz your followers on facts about your business, products & services, customers, etc.

2 Truths and a Lie Facebook story

2 Truths and a Lie Facebook story

27. Promote Another Social Media Channel

Is one of your social media channels low on followers? Shout it out to your story!

ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON PINTEREST? Follow us @DIYsupplies for DIY & Craft tutorials!

28. Shoutout Local Businesses

Spread a little bit of local love by highlighting the local businesses your office loves.

We love coffee breaks at Pike Roastery. Thanks for keeping our team caffeinated!

29. Call for Questions

Allow your followers to ask questions in an anonymous way by replying to your stories. Then, you can answer them in your stories or on your main page for everyone to see. If one person has a question about it, chances are several more do too!

Ask Away! Ask us our sewing questions and we'll answer them on our page!

30. Start a Challenge

Launch a social media challenge via your stories, encouraging followers to post on their stories. This both engages your customers and spreads your business’s reach organically!

Get up, get active in our workout clothes! Join our nation-wide pledge of getting active 20 min per day. Tag us in your stories!

How to Make Your Facebook Stories Pop

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create beautiful and engaging design creatives. In fact, all of the Facebook story examples above were created using Canva.com. Canva is a great tool that comes with numerous pre-made templates for your social media pages, including Facebook Stories. Just drop in an image, edit your text, and you have a nice visual image in minutes.

Need Help With Your Facebook Marketing?

Is your business’s Facebook game feeling stale? Our Facebook marketing experts can help your business with Facebook stories, posts, ads, and more in addition to offering our customized Facebook Blueprints. If you’re looking to take your Facebook marketing to the next level, schedule a free 15 minute consultation today to see how we can help you.

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