10 Ways To Keep Your Restaurant Top Of Mind RIGHT NOW!

Past experience proves that businesses that market during tough economic times experience significant gains over competitors when the sun shines again. Now is the time to stay visible.

  1. Consider a Limited Take Out Menu
    Have a lot of families looking for meals that feed four? Located near a business with essential employees who are looking for lunch specials? Cater to their needs with a limited menu at good prices, that is easy to pick up and go.Queensbury Hotel's Family Dinner menu items
  2. Stay Active On Social Media
    Keep your followers up-to-date with your current hours, menu and specials. Not camera shy? Try live video, or Facebook and Instagram stories to connect with your audience in an authentic behind-the-scenes way. Remember stay visible now to be top-of-mind when doors are open!Screenshot of Three Vines Facebook post
  3. Discounts, Incentives…and Toilet paper?
    Offer discounts to customers who are willing to drive to your location for curbside pickup. Discounts and specials are a great way to attract customers who are trying to be smart with their money in the midst of financial insecurity. You can also offer fun incentives that will get people talking, such as a roll of TP with every order for pickup. Or a discounted gift certificate, good for future use.Screenshot of Dunning Street Station's Facebook post announcing their discounts and specials
  4. Take Pictures Of All Your Menu Items NOW!!!!
    It’s crucial that your visual images look both appetizing and appealing. Upload images of your current food offers and add enticing descriptions to your website. Now that you have time, take photos!. Share on social media and your website and spark your customers appetite!Prime at Saratoga National take-out special Facebook post screenshot
  5. Share Updates To Community Facebook Groups
    Are there community Facebook groups in your area dedicated to community support during these uncertain times? Two examples from our local region are in Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls. Join your regional groups and share any changes or current specials, so people know how to best support you and your restaurant.Screenshot of the Wishing Well Restaurant's Take-out menu
  6. Humanize Your Brand
    As a local business, it’s important to emphasize that your customers are supporting more than just a restaurant. Make sure to include images of you, your team, and the community they are supporting with their purchase.Screenshot of Farmacy Restaurant posting a picture of their staff
  7. Update Your Website! Keep Your Menus, Specials & Hours Current & Consider Setting Up Online Gift Card Sales
    In these uncertain times, customers want additional reassurance information is up-to-date. It can be as simple as adding a date next to the current hours or specials on your home page. If you have a blog, now’s the time to use it! Note any vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free items if you offer them, so individuals with food sensitivities know what they can safely order from your restaurant. Add gift card sales now! Not sure how to update your site? Connect with your webmaster who can likely make the edits cost effectively and efficiently.Pearl St Pub website homepage
  8. Email Your Menu To Your Subscribers
    Make it easy for your subscribers to order. Email or text them your menu and hours, with a simple call-to-action to order from your menu. The simpler you make it for your customers to order, the more likely that they will.DZ Restaurants Email Newsletter
  9. Contact Local Media & Social Media Influencers To Get The Word Out
    Are you supporting your community with food donations, lunches for kids, reduced meal prices for factory workers? Let your local influencers and media know! They can boost your distribution to an even wider audience. We run a strong regional network of sites including LakeGeorge.com, Saratoga.com, Albany.com, and more. Hundreds of thousands of fans utilize these sites to stay on top of what’s happening in the community. Tapping into this network helps our clients get the word out and bring in more business.Screenshot of Saratoga Springs' Facebook post
  10. Run a Giveaway!
    Grow your email list so that you can market to a larger audience when your doors open. Giveaways are always popular during tough economic times, and with our help, yours can be fantastic! Call Valleri James at (518) 743-9424 ex. 235, to learn more.Screenshot of giveaways on LakeGeorge.com

Use these tips to tap into your community and keep your restaurant top of mind.  If there’s anything we can do for you, please contact Valleri James, our Director of Sales at (518) 743-9424 ext 235.

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