Social Media Fatigue: For Real, or Not?

So….you’ve worked hard to garner a bevy of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. You are blogging, Tweeting, Digging, gaining friends and fans and linking everywhere. These online social media environments can create a vibrant, relevant, active platform that will benefit your business in any number of ways. As your network grows, however, you may find that the maintenance of these has become incredibly time consuming and complex to the point that you are experiencing some anxiety. You may be suffering from social media fatigue!

Social media fatigue can be the result of many different factors.  Successful blogging and social media development requires consistent – nearly constant – submissions to your blog site. Twittering can become a full-time commitment in itself, not to mention Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn…the list is endless!

How can you tell when you’re suffering from social media fatigue? One symptom is simply being tired of being ‘on’ all the time. You may feel like people are driving you crazy, filling up your screen with play-by-play rundowns of everything happening in their day, from their conversation with the person at the drive-through window where they get their morning coffee, to complaints about how long they are sitting at a red light or their latest tiff with their spouse. You might be tired of having people you hardly know send you virtual cocktails, hugs, hints, or chocolates!

You really don’t need to lose your internet marketing momentum…there are some ways to minimize the negative and accentuate the positive:

  • Whether you are using your social media environments for personal use or to build your professional or business online presence, you may be tempted to simply ‘disinvite’ those people who you so anxiously lobbied as friends or followers. Is there a way to disengage or step away without being insulting? It may help just to review each location individually…each has its own privacy settings that can help to minimize the onslaught.
  • If your passwords are all unique and you feel like you can’t remember another string of characters, consider investing in a secure, reliable password password manager.
  • Setting limits may be your best option…keeping yourself to a particular time frame and sticking to it can go a long way toward relieving the stress – yes, we said stress – that can accompany the feeling of always needing to be submitting to these locations.

Because successful internet marketing is so incredibly important, you may also be trying to keep up with your website development, content, search engine optimization, etc. Letting the experts handle some of those tasks for you can also go a long way toward helping you manage your time.

About Sara Mannix

Sara Mannix is the CEO of Mannix Marketing, Inc., a Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Glens Falls, NY. She founded Mannix Marketing in 1996 with a goal to get clients "found" on the web through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The company now serves over 1500 clients worldwide and employs a team of nearly 30 specialists, still operating under the tagline "We Get You Found On The Web." This multifaceted company is an industry leader, specializing in organic SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO-friendly Website Design, Online Advertising, Social Media and more. Mannix Marketing also has one of the largest portfolios of tourism and city guides in Upstate New York. These guides, which include,,,, and, reach over 10 million visitors a year. Corresponding social media profiles for the region extend this reach to millions more on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.