The CNET Ban – Google Article

Just got a chance to read the article that prompted the one-year Google ban of CNET I thought the article was interesting, it certainly was thought provoking and isn’t that what journalists are supposed to do? Provoke thought and discussion? It bothers me that Google would react so strongly to a journalistic article.

I downloaded Google desktop a while ago and it lasted about one day on my computer. Perhaps I’m paranoid, but every time I entered a search in Google and saw – you have 35 documents on your computer, it freaked me out. I just could not get comfortable with it. I work on client sites for a variety of keywords, and of course, those keywords are in documents on my computer. I am tempted to try it again simply because the one built in to Windows stinks… but – combining it with search results… I just found it a little too freaky.

As Wired News states in this article – “Google is all for googling, as long as you don’t google a Google executive.”

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