You Know You Are A Geek When….

You are so excited that Google Calendar finally has an IPhone App that you call all your friends to tell them about it!

I’m a total geek. I live and die by my online calendar! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Google Calendar as they had the worst mobile experience on earth on the IPhone. This is ironic from a company that is penalizing sites for not being mobile friendly.

Prior to the new app, if you simply bookmarked the Google Calendar (as I had prior to discovering their new app), you will run into all sorts of issues as Google does not save your password and logs you out all the time.

But that has all changed! They launched a new IPhone app and with the updates they did yesterday… it’s a thing of beauty. I can be organized again.

If you are an event marketer or your business has special events that fall on one specific date, make sure you have an easy way for visitors to add that event to their calendar. If your event spans multiple dates, consider a nicety like an email thank you email that includes an easy “add to my calendar” for the day and time of the ticket purchased. The future is keeping our crazy lives organized on these hand held devices and if you want people to come to your event, make it easy for them to remember the time, date and location!

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