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5 SEO Mistakes With New Website Designs


Scottys Lakeside - Responsive Website

A new website design. There are few things as anticipated or nerve-wracking as launching a new design for the website of your business. As the site launch date nears, some of us see visions of increased search engine traffic, more orders and reservations, leading to an early retirement. Others have nightmares where the website traffic stops and all business freezes for days on end.

Whichever vision you see when preparing for your website launch, keeping SEO and the importance of the …

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5 Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation (and Your Life as a Marketer) Easier

5 Blog Types That Will Make Content Creation (and Your Life as a Marketer) Easier

As marketers, we all know the value of creating useful, well-crafted content. Many of us are also familiar with the struggle that sometimes accompanies developing and assembling well organized, relevant and stimulating content for clients, and even for our own organizations. It can be challenging to develop high quantities of high quality content – but when you’re able to do so, it’s incredibly rewarding, both for you and your clients.

So how can you crank out high-quality, useful and well organized …

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Facebook Local Awareness Ads: Target People Within 1 Mile Of Your Business

Are you looking for new customers? Target them when they’re steps away from your business!

With Facebook local awareness ads, businesses can easily find new customers by showing ads to people who are near their store.

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Vince Vaughn and Mike Pancakes Free Photos and the 20 Best Sites for Cheap or Free Graphics or Images for Your Blog


free vince vaughn unfinished business stock photography

Where do you get free stock photos?

Apparently, this week you can get these hysterical free stock photos that include Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco (who stars as Mike Pancake) to promote their movie Unfinished Business.  Twentieth Century Fox and IStock Photo created this brilliant co-marketing publicity move.  Get the free Vince Vaughn photos here.


Where (else) do you get the best stock photos free or cheap?
Here are some of our top picks for finding stock photos free – Make sure you …

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Responsive Website? Great News for Your Company’s Search Engine Rankings



If you have a mobile-friendly responsive website you might soon see a boost in your SEO through higher rankings in Google’s search results, according to a recent announcement from Google. For years people have been using mobile devices to search for things online, with the savviest of businesses capturing those shoppers by serving websites that are easy-to-use on smartphones. The use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal is bound to create new winners and losers in the search results. Find …

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New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

Mannix Marketing's copy

2015 is quickly approaching, inspiring many of us to take some time to review the past year – our successes, our failures, the happy times, the sad times, things we’d like to do again, things we’d like to do differently – and everything in between. It’s also a great time to reflect on the year from a business standpoint, especially on your marketing efforts.

What Are Google AdWords Ad Extensions?


Alaska Cruise AdWords ad

For those with an active Google AdWords account, being up to speed on the power of ad extensions could have a huge impact on your business. If you are not ready to absorb the knowledge associated with ad extensions quite yet, you may be interested in reading up on what exactly is Google AdWords.

Back to the main topic about what ad extensions are. They are extra elements to basic AdWords ad text that provides more information to a searcher that …

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How To Reach Mobile Users With Google AdWords Search Ads

Google AdWords Ads Optimized For Mobile

Are your Google AdWords Search ads reaching mobile users? In this article, I’ll delve into why it’s so important to reach mobile searchers and provide tips on how to optimize your AdWords Search ads for mobile devices. If you’re new to Google AdWords, you may want to start with one of my previous blog posts to learn some of the basics about what Google AdWords is and the potential it has to help your business increase traffic and conversions.

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Marketing Content You Create


If you’ve poured valuable time and effort into creating a blog article, eBook, or other piece of content for your marketing efforts, then you probably want to maximize the return you see on that investment. So how can you be sure your content reaches the right audience in order to build trust, awareness and relationships with current and potential customers? How can you maximize your content marketing to provide long-term value for your business? In today’s article you’ll learn 5 …

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How Hotels Can Use PPC To Increase Reservations


No Vacancies

If you do any marketing for a hotel, having a PPC campaign (also known as paid search, SEM, search engine marketing) ready to go at the drop of a dime is a must. Even if you don’t have it active all the time, the ability to market to segmented audiences whenever the need arises is a powerful tool.

If you’ve never run a paid search campaign for your hotel, you may be wondering why you would need or want to do …

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