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(VIDEO) The 3 Best Places Online to Capture Customer Reviews


Online Reviews Video- Jeremy Abel

Roughly 8 in 10 consumers report using online reviews to judge whether a local business is a good business (BrightLocal), which makes this aspect of digital marketing crucial for today’s small-medium sized business. However, getting customers to post reviews where they’ll be seen by potential customers can be tricky given the many online review sites available. Whether you’re a hotel, lawyer, consultant, or manufacturer, to help you get started we’re sharing the 3 most important places online where your business …

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National Travel Portals

Looking for additional ways to get online bookings? Connecting to the Global Distribution System (GDS) may be for you.

There are many ways to be “found” on the Web

If you’ve heard that getting listed on National and Regional Web-based travel portals or directories can increase your online bookings as much as 30%, you’ve heard right!

So how do YOU, the independent hotel or inn get listed?

Mannix Marketing, Inc. can help you “get connected”. First you have to know the “lingo” and how …

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Hotel Internet Marketing For The Hospitality Industry

Own a business in the hospitality or tourism industry? Run a bed and breakfast, hotel or resort? Looking for powerful, yet cost-effective marketing options? Turn to Mannix Marketing for full-service hospitality and hotel internet marketing solutions.

Email Marketing

Bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels and motels can all benefit from effective, inexpensive and time-efficient email marketing campaigns. E-marketing is a lot less time-intensive than traditional channels like print advertising or direct mail and can garner very powerful results. Contact us about our email marketing services and learn …

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Can You Embed Video Into Your Email Newsletters?



Absolutely! However, that isn’t the question that you should be asking. The real question is “Should you embed video into your email newsletters?”

And our response is no. Show a screenshot with the play button instead and link it to a landing page with a lead generation form and the actual video.

After all, the goal of your email newsletter is to convert that person into the next action in the buying cycle and getting them to your site to request more …

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How Do I Get A Good Video For My Website?



Are you in the market for video? If you don’t know the first thing about creating a video, you’re not alone. Most businesses who have a great looking video on their website don’t do it in-house. They come to a skilled marketing agency and consult with someone like me.

Here is a step-by-step guide offering a glimpse into the video creation process so you know just what to expect.

STEP 1: Initial Meeting

Collaboration is key! All video projects start with an initial meeting …

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Retargeting – What Is It?


Have you heard the term ‘retargeting’ recently and wondered what it was? Whether it was something that you should be incorporating into the marketing plan for your business? Or is it something you’ve known about for a bit, but assumed it was difficult to get started or an expensive investment?

This article is designed to help answer two fundamental questions about retargeting:

(1)    What is retargeting?

(2)    How to get started with a retargeting program?

Retargeting At Its Most Basic

Imagine you have a brick …

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Office Olympics at Mannix Marketing [with PHOTOS]


You show me a company that cares about maintaining a caring, safe, nurturing, FUN work environment, and I will show you a team of employees that loves to come to work! Below is a recap of our recent Office Olympics at Mannix Marketing. While most of our employees work from our main office in Glens Falls, NY, we also have employees who work remotely, so care was taken to ensure all employees, near and far, had a shot at playing …

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How to Gauge a Successful SEO Campaign


Successful SEO Campaign

Remember when you could achieve a number 1 position for your client’s most important keyword and claim success for their SEO campaign? Regardless of any other metric, if you got them a high rank for one or many of their keywords, you were respected. Ahhh, those were the good old days! There are a myriad of reasons why we just can’t do that anymore. Today, we can’t measure rankings like we used to because of personalization, social factors and missing …

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How to Promote your Event on Facebook

How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

Do you need help promoting an upcoming event? Not to worry. I’ve got some suggestions for you!

Whether you’re planning a small local festival or a large conference, you can use Facebook to help you get the word out. In this article I’ll reveal 15 ways to market your event on Facebook.

Grab your coffee, notebook and pen. Heeere we go!:

1. Update your cover photo

Make sure your cover photo on your business page promotes your event. Include a “Register Now!” button on …

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My Number One Content Marketing Tip


Content Creation

I used to consider myself a writer first, a content marketer second. When I started creating visual content, however, I realized that writing and content marketing are not mutually exclusive. After exploring the visual content world, I came up with my one and only content marketing tip. To create a successful content marketing campaign – written or not – you need to do one thing that writers are very good at:

You must tell a story.

In human history, storytelling precedes the advent …

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