Help – Google Instant Upload Just Put All Of My Personal Photos Online!

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I remember the first time I saw this, I had a HEART ATTACK – OMG – is Google Posting that!?!

Google + and Photo Instant Upload


This freaked me out and recently a customer called in a panic as he believed that his personal photos just went public and he wanted to know how to make those photos private and stop the instant upload.  Now that more people are getting Google+ accounts to set up authorship for their blogs, I think we’ll find a lot of people are freaked out about their privacy with Google.

But read it carefully the photos are just added…

When you go into Google+ you will see that  Instant Uploads are only available to you…

So after reading this, I went into my Photos >>> then clicked on Albums>>>>  To know who sees what just mouse over the little circle on the right under the photo.  Here is what is means:

The first set of photos is photos you actually used in posts and who can see those photos is based on who you shared the post with.

Next you will see profile photos, who can see your profile photos is based on how you set your privacy:

After that you will see your albums…

earth=publicEarth Symbol  = Public, everyone can see it

only_youStrike through Symbol = Just you

limited_peopleTwo People Symbol = means you limited it to specific people.

So what is neat about Google Instant Upload is these photos ARE available to you wherever you are from your mobile or at home if you do want to use them in a post. Or just share them with a special friend.  It’s one of the few free places that will store your photos online (which also is nice for backing them up) and that let’s those you share the photos with save the photos to their hard drive.

How to make your google instant upload photos private

In conclusion, there is no need to worry that your photos will instantly be uploaded for the world to see without your permission.  You have to take action to share them with your circles or the public.

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6 thoughts on “Help – Google Instant Upload Just Put All Of My Personal Photos Online!

  1. If i Delete the pict from instant upload …does the pict truly deleted? cause i began paranoid with this feature….im afraid that the google maybe still have them

  2. if i really dont want to upload my personal photos and i dont want to make backup in google+ .. then what i have to do make this stop. reply me asap

  3. Hello. I recently realised that all my private photos from my laptop were on my google+ account. I don’t use google+ and have no friends added but could these photos have been public? I have no idea what my privacy settings were (photos now deleted) – above you say action needs to be taken to make the photos public – is this in every instacne? I don’t ever remember clicking anything to put these photos on google+, even if it is just for storage I had no idea this had happened.

  4. OK I’m almost convinced to use g+ on my phone and PCs, but wonder if their policy about privacy applies to incoming photos. When I first signed up on g+, I used to receive all kinds of “invites” and photos (many of supposedly cite kittens!) in my inbox. The only solution was to quit g+.
    Having read your description of g+’s utility, I’d like to give it another go, but would like to know if the annoying “so and so wants to meet you or you might be interested in…” stuff has stopped or can be stopped. Can you please advise?

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