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Search Engine Optimization

How to tell Great SEO Companies from Terrible Ones


Recently this question popped up on one of my LinkedIn Groups for a local business who had been obviously scammed by an SEO company.  Here was my response to that question with slight modifications for this post.  So instead I’d ask:

How do you know if an SEO is not Good at SEO or is Scamming you?

They cold-call you:  Beware of companies that cold-call for SEO, unless you know the business and they are local to you. Most decent SEO’s are …

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how to tell the best SEO and SEM companies from the bad ones

Mobile Friendly Testing Tool


Use Google’s Mobile friendly testing tool below to find out if each of your web pages pass the test.

Why is it important for my site to be mobile friendly?

Up to 60% of the people that come to your site are on a mobile device. This ensures that they can easily use your site. You’ll also convert (make more money) as more people buy from sites that are easy to use.

What does Google have to do with it?

Google gave us …

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5 SEO Mistakes With New Website Designs

A new website design. There are few things as anticipated or nerve-wracking as launching a new design for the website of your business. As the site launch date nears, some of us see visions of increased search engine traffic, more orders and reservations, leading to an early retirement. Others have nightmares where the website traffic stops and all business freezes for days on end.

Whichever vision you see when preparing for your website launch, keeping SEO and the importance of the …

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Scottys Lakeside - Responsive Website

Google's NEW Algorithm, Hummingbird

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm… it’s like that movie, The Birds, where people got maimed running to their cars. Okay, not really anything like that… although it is October now and close enough to Halloween that it should be like that… only it’s not.

The short version: If you really don’t feel like reading another blog today, then fine… It’s like this – Hummingbird is a brand new algorithm that Google adopted. It’s quick, it’s accurate and it focuses on conversational search and semantic search as opposed …

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Google Hummingbird

The Value of a #1 Position in Google Despite the Ever Changing Ranking Landscape


What is the value of a #1 position in Google? As business owners, it is natural to want to measure the success of your marketing campaign by several ideals that you have determined at the start of your marketing efforts. A very common measurement is, where did I rank … and where do I rank now? You want to be ahead of the competition. You want to be the #1 position in Google. A new study from online advertising network …

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Space is Limited for our First Ever Digital Marketing Conference: M2Con – May 2, 2013 – Register NOW!

I am so excited to announce Mannix Marketing ‘s first ever Digital Marketing Conference. We have named it M2Con Digital Marketing Conference (all of us at Mannix Marketing have been calling the company M2 for years, so we felt it was appropriate!)

The conference will be a smorgasbord of  information including:

Web Design Trends for 2013
How to use and view Google Analytics
Ways to market your business on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest
How to get more qualified leads for your business
How giveaways are a …

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Author Schema + Google+ = Higher Rankings


We’ve been preaching the importance of adding authorship and connecting your web content and blogs to your Google+ Profile as an author.  The benefit was that when your photo shows up in the search results next to your web page, your page is 30% more likely to get clicked on.

Matt Cutts has said “don’t count on giving you a ranking boost” in this YouTube video and most interpreted this as meaning “no, it won’t help your rankings” (except me …

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Google says... use authorship! Information verified to a profile will rank higher

Top Takeaways From SMX East Search Marketing Expo 2012 – Part 1


What can be more refreshing than New York City in October? Only one possible thing and that would be SMX East in NYC during October! What an informative few days we were fortunate enough to spend with the cream of the SEO crop – including the President of Mannix Marketing, Sara Mannix! Here is Sara speaking at the Google podium! The room was empty, but hey, who’s paying attention to that?

There’s no way I can possibly give you …

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How To Optimize Your Blog Post: 5 Steps To Get The Most SEO Value Out Of Your Blogging

You blog. You post to your blog often enough, but want to reach the widest audience possible to grow your readership… You just need to know HOW to optimize your blog post to get the most bang for your buck in terms of SEO. You don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about  it, you’re a blogger… you just want some simple steps to make sure each post is as SEO friendly as possible. Here’s your answer, a no-nonsense 5 Step …

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